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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Title Registry?
A Title Registry is an official document and is lodged at the Land Registry with the Title Plan. It contains the description of the property, details of the owner and any charges, covenants, or easements affecting the property

What is a Title Plan?
A Title Plan is, just like the Title Registry, an official document which is lodged at the Land Registry and details the general boundaries of the property in question. It is marked on an Ordnance Survey map at a scale of 1:1250. It can contain letters and numbers that can correspond to the covenants and easements as detailed in the Title Registry.

What is an Easement?
An Easement is the right of a person to use the land of an other for a specific purpose. Generally this is in relation to rights of access for a specific purpose. Examples include utility company access for power line maintenance.

What is a Covenant?
A covenant is a binding contractual agreement and is referred to in the Title Registry, with the Title Plan supporting its claim over the specific property. Each owner of the property is bound by the details of the covenants. Proper legal advice should be taken regarding the breaking or modification of covenants.

What is a Day List entry?
The Day List contains details of pending applications which have been sent to the Land Registry and a lodgement has been made against the title document. A Day List entry will be made against the Title Registry once all checks and confirmations have been made by the relevant department at the Land Registry.

Will the owner of the property be informed?
No, the owner of the property will not be informed what so ever and no record of the search will be made. Nor does consent need to be taken from the property owner.

I don't know the correct address or postcode, will this be a problem?
We need both the house number, street name and also the postcode in order to successfully check documents lodged at the Land Registry.

How can I obtain older title deeds?
Older copies of title deeds can be obtained from the Land Registry although the earliest date that can be searched is May 1993 which is when the digital record keeping at the Land Registry began. We can’t provide copies of Title Registers or Plans from before that period but can sometimes provide copies of old purchase deeds ( Conveyancing and Transfers) from before this period.

How Long Does It Take?
You will receive your documents within 24 hours after placing your order, Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays. If the search request is made outside of business hours we will process the search the next working day. If the documents cover a large area of land such as a farm estate, the documents might not be held in electronic format. In that case we will send the documents via post and this will take up to 7 working days.

I Don't Have a Bank Account?
We can only accept payments via card payments through our site. This is a very quick and easy method of payment. You simply need to add your card number, expiry date and security number on the payment page.